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Writing Credits

Eric's Books

Tow Truck 1, 2, 3, Kane Miller Books, 2023

Illustrated by Kent Culotta

An Elephant Is Sitting in My Bathtub, Deep Rooted Music, LLC, 2023

Illustrated by Eric Ode

Stop That Poem!, Kane Miller Books, 2021

Illustrated by Jieting Chen

Larry Gets Lost in the Library, Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot, 2021

Illustrated by John Skewes

Hooray, it's Garbage Day!, Kane Miller Books, 2020

Illustrated by Gareth LLewhellin

Otters, Snails and Tadpole Tails: Poems from the Wetlands, Kane Miller Books, 2019

Illustrated by Ruth Harper


Paulina and the Pirate's Hat, Pelican Publishing, 2018

Written and illustrated by Eric Ode

Too Many Tomatoes, Kane Miller Books, 2016

Illustrated by Kent Culotta

Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties, Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot, 2015

Illustrated by Jaime Temaraik

Busy Trucks on the Go, Kane Miller Books, 2014
Illustrated by Kent Culotta

Sea Star Wishes - Poems from the Coast, Sasquatch Books, 2013
Illustrated by Erik Brooks

The Boy and the Dragon, Pelican Publishing, 2013
Illustrated by Jim Harris

When You're a Pirate Dog and Other Pirate Poems, Pelican Publishing, 2012
Illustrated by Jim Harris

Dan, the Taxi Man, Kane Miller Books, 2012
Illustrated by Kent Culotta

Tall Tales of the Wild West (And a Few Short Ones), Meadowbrook Press, 2007
Illustrated by Ben Crane


Co-authored with Illustrator John Skewes

Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea, Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot Books, 2015

Elliott the Otter: The Totally Untrue Story of Elliott, Boss of the Bay, Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot Books, 2015

Larry Gets Lost in Seattle: 10th Anniversary Edition, Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot Books, 2017

Larry Gets Lost in San Diego, Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot Books, 2017

Other Book Projects

The Walking School Bus, picture book project with North Natomas JIBE, 2024

Illustrated by Dana Sullivan

Larry Gets Lost in the USA Activity Book, Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot Books, 2022

Illustrated by John Skewes, Created by Birdhouse Kids Media


Poetry Anthologies Contributions
If I Could Choose a Best Day: Poems of Possibility, Candlewick Press, coming spring 2025

     * If You Have a Pencil

Bless Our Pets, Eerdman's Books for Young Readers, 2024

     * A Prayer for My Gerbil

The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems (anthology), Macmillan Children's Books, 2021

     * Kittens for Sale

A World Full of Poems (anthology), DK Children, 2020

     * Bath Time

     * When You are a Scientist

Hop to It: Poems to Get You Moving, Pomelo Books, 2020

     * Click! Clack! Jumping Jack!

Moonstruck (anthology), Otter-Barry Books, 2019

     * When I Was Three

I Am a Jigsaw Puzzle: Puzzling Poems to Baffle Your Brain (anthology), Bloomsbury, 2019

     * On  Missing L tt r

Poetry Zone: A Celebration of 20 years of Children's Poetry (anthology), Troika Books, 2018

     * The Octopus

Great Morning! Poems for School Leaders to Read Aloud, Pomelo Books, 2018

     * I Wonder Who

     * Science Fair

The Poetry of US: More than 200 poems that celebrate the people, places, and passions of the United States (anthology), National Geographic Children's Books, 2018

     * The Hall

     * On Grandma's Front Porch

     * Standing Outside Graceland

Pet Crazy: A Poetry Friday Power Book, Pomelo Books, 2017 

    * Pet Week

Is This a Poem?: What Makes a Poem, and How You Can Write One (anthology), A&C Black, 2016
    * A Poem is a Fragile Thing

One Minute Till Bedtime (anthology), Little Brown Books for Young Readers, 2016
    * Bath Time


The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations, Pomelo Books, 2015   

    * Pet Week   

    * A Teacher Knows

A Bad Case of the Giggles (anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2014 edition
    * Summer at Grandma's House


The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science (K-5 edition), Pomelo Books, 2014 

    * When You Are a Scientist

    * Science Fair Day

    * Which Ones Will Float?

    * Science Fair Project

    * I Thought I Built a Dog House (Student edition - Kindergarten)

Off By Heart: Poems for Children to Learn and Remember (athology), A&C Black, 2013
    * Weave Me a Poem

When Granny Won Olympic Gold (anthology), A&C Black, 2012
    * When Granny Won Olympic Gold

And the Crowd Goes Wild! A Global Gathering of Sports Poems (anthology), Friesens Press, 2012
    * Tennis Without a Net

Does Your Face Fit? (anthology), A&C Black, 2011
    * What Jason Has

My Cat is in Love with the Goldfish (and Other Loopy Love Poems) (anthology), A&C Black Publishers Ltd, 2010
    * A Perfect Match
    * The Tortoise and The Gecko
    * A Conversation in Eden

What I Did On My Summer Vacation (anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2009
    * Deep-Sea Squeeze
    * Fishing with Bobby
    * Out Of Sight
    * Street Pizza
    * Summer at Grandma's House
    * Super Summer Sale

I Hope I Don't Strike Out (anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2008
    * Deep-Sea Squeeze
    * We're Going Skiing

Buses to Books: Reading, Writing, and Reciting Poems about School, ABDO Publishing - Super SandCastle imprint, 2007
    *  Nothing Left to Learn
    *  Sally's Not at School Today

Bees to Trees: Reading, Writing and Reciting Poems about Nature, ABDO Publishing - Super SandCastle imprint, 2007
    * When Clouds Meet

I've Been Burping in the Classroom (silly songbook anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2007
    * I'm a Little Mixed Up

Dinner with Dracula (anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2006
    * The Fall-Apart Monster

My Teacher's in Detention (anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2006
    * The Field Trip
    * Rules for the Bus

Dinosaur Poems: The Anthology (anthology), Scholastic UK, 2006
    * Allosaurus Always Wins
    * The Trade

Oh My Darling, Porcupine (silly songbook anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2006
    * Grover Can Whimper
    * Polly Ann from Tallahassee

If Kids Ruled the School (anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2004
    * Why Dju I Dju zha Shings I Dju?
    * I'll Teach My Dog to Read
    * I Wonder If She'd Like Me

Miles of Smiles (anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2004
    * A Valentine Poem

Rolling in the Aisles (anthology), Meadowbrook Press, 2004
    * Cat and Mouse
    * Watermelon Bird
    * Rules for the Bus

Work Found in Other Book Publications

CBSE Grade 5 textbook, Indiannica Learning, India, 2023

     * Deep-Sea Squeeze

Stepping Stones 7e (English text book, The Netherlands), Noordhoff Uitgevers, 2019     

     * The Tetherball Battle

Journeys Reading Series, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017

     * The Barrel Race

SRA Open Court Reading, McGraw-Hill Education, 2015
    * Earth is My Home (poem, kindergarten)
    * My Helpful Librarian Friend (poem, grade 2)
    * Find Your Rhythm (poem, grade 2)
    * Plink, Plink, Plink (poem, grade 1)
    * Gecko Toes and Dragonfly Eyes (informational text, grade 1)

Basic Concepts in Translation (College text book, Iran) Bright Idea, 2012
    * Letter C
    * Cocoon
    * I Could Have Been the Farmer
    * My Book Report

Focus on English, 7 (English text book, Sweden), Liber AB, 2012
    * Cat and Mouse

Stepping Stones 2 (English text book, The Netherlands), Noordhoff Uitgevers, 2010
    * Turkey on the Run

Pound a Poem, John Blake Publishing, 2009 (as a contributing guest poet)
    * Poor Squash

Pound a Poem, John Blake Publishing, 2007 (as a contributing guest poet)
    * Tossed Salad

Crossroads 8B (English text book, Norway), Forlaget Fag og Kultur, 2006
    * Cat and Mouse

Poems Found in Magazines

Scholastic StoryWorks magazines

     * Various poems and non-fiction articles, 2022, 2023, 2024


     * The Moon, Sept/October 2020

Science & Children
    * Which Ones Will Float?, September 2016
    * When You Are a Scientist, November 2016

    * soft steps, October 2011

Fun for Kidz
    * Campfire Visitor, October 2023

    * Campfire Visitor, July/August 2015
    * Rummage Sale, July/August 2009
    * Undercover Reading, November 2008
    * I Hope I Don't Get Mr. Gray, September 2007
    * The Dalmatian, July 2006
    * To Land Upon a Star, September 2005
    * The City, May 2005
    * A Mountain of Poems, September 2004

Boys' Quest
    * Campfire Visitor, April 2014
    * I Will Not Eat That Earthworm, April 2011
    * The First Cowboy Hat, February 2010
    * I Often Wish I Were a Mummy, August/September 2009
    * The Dog House, December 2007
    * Campfire Visitor, June 2006
    * Who?, December 2005
    * The Gerbil, October 2004

Hopscotch for Girls
    * Sometimes People Notice, February 2010
    * Koalas, June/July 2009
    * My Sister's Words, December/January 2009
    * A Poem, (Yes, that's the name of the poem.) April/May 2008
    * Blue Ribbon Goat, April 2006



Editing Work

The Science of Babies (board book), Birdhouse Books, 2021

Associate editor, Eric Ode - Written by Deborah Roffman, MS

Music Awards and Recognitions
Rock Nocturnal

     * Parents' Choice Silver Award, 2015
    * A 2015 Creative Child Magazine Best CD of the Year Award - Original Songs for Kids


Seven Clever Pirates
    * Parents' Choice Silver Award, 2010
    * Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence

When You Smile
    * Parents' Choice Recommended Award, 2008
    * National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) - Honors, 2008

I Love My Shoes
    * National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) - Honors, 2005
    * Parents' Choice Silver Medal Award, 2005

Grandpa's Truck
    * Parents' Choice Recommended Award, 2003

Trash Can
    * Parents' Choice Approved Award, 2002

Welcome to the Workshop (DVD)
    * A Telly Bronze Award, 2007
    * A KIDS FIRST! All-Star Award, 2007
    * A Hermes Creative Award, 2007

Eric's Music Found in Television Productions
Dragonfly TV "Going Places in Science" Season Six: Deep South (PBS)
    * Trash Can

Eric's Songs and Poems on Albums Released by Other Artists
Absolutely, Positively Getting Along - East Coast Recording and Cool Beans Music, 2013
    * Wheelchair Basketball - poem performed by Debbi Calton

All About Following Your Dreams - East Coast Recording and Cool Beans Music, 2012
    * Weave Me a Poem - poem performed by Kim and Reggie Harris
    * Who? - poem performed by Kim and Reggie Harris

All About Bullies... Big and Small - East Coast Recording and Cool Beans Music, 2011
GRAMMY AWARD WINNING ALBUM! - Best Children's Album)
    * Labels - poem performed by Heidi Swedberg
    * Keep Your Chin Up - poem performed by Miss Amy

Buck Howdy with BB - Around the Campfire - Prairie Dog Entertainment, 2008
GRAMMY NOMINATED! - Best Children's Spoken Word Album)
    * Lester Lost His Job
    * Horseflies
    * Mulligan Martinson Marley McGraw
    * Barnaby Biggleton's Belt
    * The Tortoise and the Gecko
    * A Cowboy's Lullaby

Eric's Music Found on Compilation Releases
Kidz STEM Songz CD/DVD - Produced by KidzMusic and Dan Crow, 2018

     * Poor Planet Pluto

Best Snappy Happy Songs Ever! - Produced by Mrs. Music and Friends, 2011
    * Riding on a Train

Best Toe-Tappin' Songs Ever! - Produced by Mrs. Music and Friends, 2011
    * Let a Little Light Shine

Best All-American Songs Ever! - Produced by Mrs. Music and Friends, 2011
    * Froggie Went A-Courtin' (traditional)

Eat Your Vegetables, Please! Vol. I - Produced by Wide-Eye Kids, 2007
    * I've Got to Choose

Brush Your Teeth! Vol. 1 - Produced by Wide-Eye Kids, 2007
    * Michael Duncan Oppenheimer Oscar Reaily Jones

Car Tunes - Casablanca Kids, 2005
    * Grandpa's Truck

Spiritual Songs - Casablanca Kids, 2005
    * Old Man Noah's Raincoat

Party Songs - Casablanca Kids, 2005
    * Let's Dance

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