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Virtual author visits

Is your school looking to encourage reading and writing through a high-participation author visit? Nothing tops live author visit workshops and assemblies for building enthusiasm for literacy. For some schools, however, limited budgets or the school's remote location keep live visits out of reach. That's where virtual author visits step in! With a bit of internet technology, students can benefit from many of the same experiences awarded by live author visits.

"Our staff and students love Eric! We’ve hosted him twice for virtual author visits during the pandemic. He brings irresistible fun; a strong message about perseverance; immense creativity and talent; wisdom about elementary school kids’ interests, abilities, and attention spans; and generous flexibility about how we would like him to tie his program with our academic goals. We highly recommend him!" - Amy Johnson, Taku Elementary, Anchorage, AK

author skype visit

Why schedule a virtual visit?

  • Sessions are live, interactive, and fun!

  • They are easy to schedule.

  • They are less expensive than live visits.

  • Students find virtual visits entertaining and engaging!

What can a virtual visit include?

  • High participation concerts/assemblies that focus on the writing/creating processes

  • Poetry writing workshops

  • Q and A 

  • Other? Let me know if you have other ideas or suggestions.

There's a good chance your school already has everything you need to make a virtual author visit happen.


What do you need?

  • Reliable broadband internet connection

  • A large computer monitor or a projector and screen and audio speakers (so you can see and hear me).

  • A webcam and microphone (so that I can see and hear you)! 

  • Access to a video conferencing platform. (Zoom is my preference, but other platforms can work as well.)

"My second graders completely enjoyed Skyping with Eric! He had them engaged from the moment we made contact, mixing his poetry with some songs and movement, as well as discussing his journey as a writer. It was very grade appropriate, connected beautifully to CCSS, and was a perfect culmination to our poetry studies this year. Eric's poetry is playful and engaging and so is he! I look forward to having another virtual visit with him next year and recommend you invite him to join your students, too!"
        - Heather Akiyoshi, Library Specialist

          Pritchett Elem. School, Buffalo Grove, IL

"Our sixth grade reading class had their first ever Skype session with Eric that couldn't have gone better. Eric not only entertained our students and made them very comfortable, but he gave complete responses to our questions. As a teacher, I would highly recommend having a Skype session with Eric for any elementary or middle school reading/literature class."
          - David Bliss, Principal, Zion Lutheran School - Pierce, NE

"To have a real author HERE with us.. and with the students responding as you read, Eric... so joyful!"
          - Mary Kay Sommers, Principal, Shepardson Elem. School - Fort Collins, Colorado

FREE Book and CD: Once your Virtual Author Visit has been scheduled, I will mail to you a copy of my books Stop That Poem! and the poetry collection Sea Star Wishes. ($28.00 worth of goodies!) Please make sure your students have been exposed to these materials before our virtual visit.

Virtual author visit (50 minute session): $170.00
Additional sessions (same day): $120.00 each (max. 4 sessions total)

Preschool virtual visit (40 minute session): $100*

*Preschool visits are high-participation literacy concerts that include movement and hand motion songs, fingerplays, interactive poems, and stories.


Virtual Residency: As an opportunity to build on consecutive sessions, schedule your group for four visits on four different days. $600.00 

In a hurry?
Print this one page, and read at your leisure. It has most of the information you'll need.

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