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Tow Truck 1, 2, 3

On the road, and on their way,

here come the tow trucks to save the day!

Shining brightly: red, green, blue.

Hurry now! There's work to do!

Through the hills, and by the sea,

Tow Truck, Tow Truck 1, 2, 3!

Check out this brand new release from Kane Miller Books and the author/illustrator team of Dan, the Taxi Man and Busy Trucks on the Go!

"With repetition, colors, and numbers this book makes for a great early reading experience. Young children are sure to enjoy the personification of the trucks in this town! Definitely a must read for vehicle lovers!" - Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Kent Culotta
Kane Miller Books, 2023
32 pp. 10.75" x 7.75"

ISBN: 9781684645541

Tow Truck 1, 2, 3
is published by Kane Miller Books. Please talk with your favorite PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books and More) consultant about purchasing copies.

stop that poem cover med.jpg

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Jieting Chen
Kane Miller Books, 2021
32 pp. 10.75" x 7.75"

ISBN: 9781684642236

Stop That Poem!
is published by Kane Miller Books. Please talk with your favorite PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books and More) consultant about purchasing copies.

Stop That Poem!

Eric Ode's playful exploration of the active nature of poems, and how they can shape and transform our world, combines with exquisite, energetic illustrations by Jieting Chen.

"By assembling individual words into poems, the protagonist effectively creates the text, while dynamic, contemporary, stylized illustrations cleverly incorporate the poems into each double-page spread.

"An ingenious, inspiring lesson in the crafting of poetry." - Kirkus Review

"A uniquely created book, as we follow several pages of floating words in different environments to create a variety of poems. Readers will begin to see the possibility that poetry can be as they read through this book." - PSLA Literature Review

"Chen’s illustrations, in muted colors punctuated with bright orange, show the poem constantly propelled forward across landscapes while a growing, diverse cast of children gets involved. Aspiring poets should be encouraged in their creativity by this lilting 'ode' (pun on the author’s name intended*) to the challenge and joy of getting a poem just right." - The Horn Book (* To be clear, my last name is pronounced Oh-dee, not Ode like the poem. But I'll accept the kind review just the same!)

"This colorful exploration of the moving nature of poetry is so much fun. ...It’s inspiring for younger readers, learning to put their thoughts together, and the colorful artwork and movement furthers the idea that words never stay in one place. ...Stop That Poem! is a fun addition to your wordplay books." - Mom Read It

"I’m in love with this poetry/picture book,.." - Mother Goose Librarian

elephant bathtub cover for facebook.jpg

An Elephant Is Sitting in My Bathtub:

Seriously Silly and Surprising Poems

Dive in! Author, poet, and award-winning songwriter Eric Ode has poured 61 of his all-time favorite poems into the tub. Silly poems, thoughtful poems, and even a few spooky poems. Poems to make you laugh and poems to make you wonder. Poems about camels and koalas, bog beasts and banana slugs, goldfish and geckos. Poems to tickle your imagination and poems to tickle your funny bone.



plus S/H

Written and Illustrated by Eric Ode
Deep Rooted Music, LLC, 2023
86 pp. 5.25" x 8"

ISBN: ‎ 979-8218316129

Eric Ode's Elephant is sitting in my brain.
It made me laugh and laugh and laugh. It's driving me insane.
I know you're gonna love this book. I hope you buy it too.
Then Eric Ode's Elephant can go and sit with you.

           - Kenn Nesbitt, Former Children's Poet Laureate

Elephant Bathtub
lgl in the library cover.jpe

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by John Skewes
Sasquatch Books/Little Bigfoot, 2021
32 pp. 8 1/2 x 11

ISBN 9781632173249

Larry Gets Lost in the Library

This new addition to the best-selling Larry Gets Lost series, featuring the perpetually lost pup, Larry, celebrates libraries and librarians.

Larry, a playful pup, loves to go on vacation with Pete. In this edition they visit Pete's grandparents on a farm. When a bookmobile arrives, Pete is excited to select a stack of books. As Pete reads, he doesn't notice that Larry, in search of a snack, wanders into the bookmobile.

Larry's adventure begins when the librarian drives away, not realizing Larry is on board, to return the bookmobile to the city library. Larry, searching for Pete, soon finds himself lost inside the library, where he is surrounded by busy librarians and patrons enjoying books. But will he ever find his way back to his best friend Pete?

"Larry Gets Lost in the Library would be great as a read aloud or for newly independent readers. The story offers parents and teachers a chance to discuss farm life, library etiquette, and strategies for what to do if you get lost." - K.A. Cummins

"I can tell you already that it was such a fun book to read! ...I would recommend this fun book to all." - Twirling Book Princess

Please ask your favorite bookstore about purchasing copies.


garbage day2.jpe

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Gareth Llewhellin
Kane Miller Books, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-68464-114-7


Hooray, It's Garbage Day!
is published by Kane Miller Books. Please talk with your favorite PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books and More) consultant about purchasing co

Hooray, It's Garbage Day!

Something's coming down the street,rolling with a rumbling beat.A clashing, crashing, noisy treat.Hooray, it's GARBAGE DAY!The perfect picture book to share with sanitation fans of all ages!

The perfect picture book to share with sanitation fans of all ages!


"Who knew that trash collection could be such a treat? For one young brown-skinned kid, the cacophonous sound of the garbage truck approaching the house brings excitement galore. Don’t you know, “it’s GARBAGE DAY!” That means thrilling noises, lights, and shaking emanating from the truck and—even better—scrunching of the contents of the neighborhood’s trash cans. The kid’s pals aren’t immune to the high drama as they watch and listen in awe and then reenact a garbage-collecting scenario that includes assembling a toy truck and gathering assorted throwaway items. ...the jaunty, rollicking rhymes will keep children entertained, and they will merrily chime in with the refrain: “Hooray, it’s GARBAGE DAY!” - Kirkus Review

"What can be more exciting to a youngster than that clashing, crashing, noisy treat rumbling down the street? ...Swirling, puffy clouds of dust engulf the huge vehicle as it moves slowly forward with a “GROWL GRRRR PURRRR” and screeches to a stop. Several children greet the two workers and watch the big red truck as, with sounds of “CRASH! SMASH! SQUISH! CRUNCH,” it eats up the trash. Later, the five active, multiracial kids make their own garbage day, scurrying around with their wagon collecting compost, recycling, sorting broken toys, and more for the red, green, and blue garbage cans. ...It’s a good lesson in recycling and cleanup, as well as just plain fun." - Booklist


Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Ruth Harper
Kane Miller Books, 2019
32 pp. 7.8" x 7.2"
ISBN: 978-1610677479

Otters, Snails and
Tadpole Tails

is published by Kane Miller Books. Please talk with your favorite PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books and More) consultant about purchasing co

Otters, Snails and Tadpole Tails


Acclaimed singer/songwriter/poet Eric Ode joins forces with New York Times bestselling illustrator Ruth Harper in this gentle, stunningly beautiful homage to all things wetland. From raccoons to muskrats, frogs to heron, it’s a celebration of biodiversity, art, poetry, and healthy ecosystems.

"A tight little collection of verse with a purpose." - Kirkus Review

"...a gentle, stunningly beautiful homage to all things wetland. From raccoons to muskrats, frogs to heron, 'Otters, Snails and Tadpole Tails' is a wonderful celebration of biodiversity, art, poetry, and healthy ecosystems for young children. A unique and certain to be enduringly popular addition to family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections, 'Otters, Snails and Tadpole Tails' is very highly recommended." - Midwest Book Review

"Acclaimed author and poet, Ode’s lyrical verses will delight young readers and teach them about biodiversity in a playful way. New York Times bestselling illustrator, Harper’s detailed and lively illustrations align perfectly with the verses and make them burst with life. Highly recommended for any home, school or public library." - The Pirate Tree

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Jaime Temairik
Sasquatch Books/Little Bigfoot, 2015
40 pp. 8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-1632170040

Please ask your favorite bookstore about purchasing copies.

Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties
Poet Eric Ode has created a hilarious read-aloud about the town of Mossy Pockets and the birthday party the residents throw for reluctant Bigfoot. Internal rhyme gives the growing lists of people, instruments, pies, and animals a delightful momentum. The party excitement builds until it all comes to a pie-smashing disaster.

A School Library Journal selection for

"The Diversity List: Picture, Easy, and Early Chapter Books of 2015"

"...a comical, cumulative chain of events resulting in a pie-flying catastrophe will make readers (and Bigfoot) smile. Temairik’s flat illustrative style, with pops of color, is full of visual wit—not to mention particularly diverse townsfolk. An energetic read-aloud with plenty of repetition and zest." - Kirkus Review

"...a hilarious disaster spoof tale about a gigantic birthday celebration for a huge creature who does not happen to like birthday parties. Told in brisk narrative verse. the story is brilliantly and imaginatively illustrated with a large cast of colorfully dressed human characters (all the people of Mossy Pockets) of multiple racial origins and one oversize, hairy blue crucial character whose birthday it happens to be. ...The closing picture shows a cuddly blue bigfoot hugging a little black boy and a little white girl, all three in striped party hats. 'Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties' dissolves fear in charm and humor to the delight of all young readers." - Midwest Book Review

"...well written and illustrated, fun for any kid and any parent who will likely be forced to read it again and again." - Portland Book Review

Paulina and the Pirate's Hat
Join Paulina as she traverses the seven seas with a rowdy group of pirates in search of the perfect pirate captain’s hat! Paulina is strong, intelligent, and quick-thinking but just a bit distracted as she reads. While reading a book about hats, she accidentally wanders onto a pirate ship, only to sit on the captain’s hat. Paulina, newly knowledgeable about hats, sees that his hat isn’t right for a pirate ship’s captain! From Puddle Jump Island to Polly Golly Canyon, Paulina, the captain, and the crew all search high and low to find suitable parts for a faultless hat. Fish bones and flippers! Will they ever find the right pirate hat for the captain?

Written and Illustrated by Eric Ode
Pelican Publishing Co
32 pp. 8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-1455623518

Educators: Too Many Tomatoes is an AR selection.
AR Quiz No. 181306 EN Fiction
Accelerated Reader Quiz Information IL: LG - BL: 2.5 - AR Pts: 0.5

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Kent Culotta
Kane Miller Books, 2016
32 pp. 10.75" x 7.75"
ISBN: 978-1-61067-400-3

Too Many Tomatoes
is published by Kane Miller Books. This book is currently out of print.

Too Many Tomatoes
Eric Ode's rollicking, rhyming garden story will have readers, tapping their toes as they count the too-many tomatoes overgrowing the garden, the building, the block ... and more!

"A musical toe-tapping story. Grandfather’s garden is popping with peas and buzzing with bees and blossoms. Barrels are bursting with a bumper tomato crop. Even after a busy farmer’s market, there’s still more for the family to share. Simple rhyming couplets flow nicely throughout. Bright, upbeat and cheerful spreads celebrate life and its bounty. VERDICT: A fun-filled tale about family and gardening, recommended for storytime and gardening units." - School Library Journal

"Ode’s pitch perfect toe-tapping rhymes and Culotta’s exuberant illustrations invite the reader to jump right in and join all the fun. The boy’s enthusiasm is positively contagious as he describes how Grandpa first planted the seeds and how excited they were when sprout after sprout came up. Together, Ode and Culotta have created a jubilant feel-good book that will elicit lots of smiles, requests for rereadings, and the inevitable cravings for tomato dishes." - Jama's Alphabet Soup

"Mater mania running wild will make for an enjoyable read aloud in your classroom. With the rhymes, you can touch on phonemic awareness. Too Many Tomatoes is also full of rich parts of speech. Vivid verbs and abundant adjectives will invigorate the pencils of young writers. If you have a plant and/or foods unit, this book needs to be a part of it. Spring is just around the corner, so celebrate the joy of keeping a garden with Too Many Tomatoes."NC Teacher Stuff

"The silly, singsong verses lend themselves well to read-aloud storytime! The simple yet charming color artwork adds just the right touch to this exuberantly playful storybook." –Midwest Book Review

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Jim Harris
Pelican Publishing, 2013
40 pp. 8 1/2 x 11, 31 color illus.
ISBN: 978-1455618132

The Boy and the Dragon
Simon the Wise, Bogsworth the Strong, and Randolph the Brave venture across the kingdom determined to vanquish the dragon that has been munching on townsfolk for lunch. The most unlikely band ever to have been knighted is accompanied by the littlest of sidekicks, Saul, who tags along with his trusty mandolin. Is it the boy who finally succeeds in outwitting this dragon? Young readers will enjoy finding out.

This is the second collaboration from Eric Ode and illustrator Jim Harris.

⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ "This read is a winner!  An unlikely trio of knights and their young boy, whose sole purpose is to carry the gear, venture off to slay the dragon that’s been gobbling the villagers. Humor and hilarity cast their magic spell over this adventure.  Written in rhyme that reads like a song, it’s a rollicking good story where the unsuspecting boy is the hero.  It’ll be a story the kids will cry, “Read it again!”' - City Book Review

"A delightful book that takes kids on a rhyming journey following three fearless knights and one small boy, all of whom are searching for a fearsome dragon." - Tri-City Herald

I think this book is pretty well out of print, but you may be able to find a copy out there somewhere. 

Written by Eric Ode, Illustrated by Erik BrooksSasquatch Books, 2013ISBN978-1-57061-790-4

32 pp. paperback

Please ask your favorite bookstore about purchasing copies.

Sea Star Wishes - Poems from the Coast
(From the inside cover) Experience the wonder of coastal shores in these delightful, playful poems and illustrations that bring to life a day at the beach building sand castles, tide pooling, and exploring the natural world.

A Children's Poet Laureate Book Pick of the Month

"With creatures as diverse as seagulls and moon snails, and explorations of everything from lighthouses to footprints in the sand, this lovingly-crafted collection of poems is an excellent companion for your next ocean-side visit" - The Poetry Foundation

"Twenty whimsical, lyrical, informative poems celebrate life within, on, or near the sea. Some creatures featured in the verses, such as the gull and octopus, are likely to be familiar, but others, including the limpet and geoduck, may not be. Lighthouses, ferries, and fishing are Ode's subjects as well. Easy to read, these poems mostly rhyme, and they vary in format and length. Colorful full-bleed illustrations attract the eye, give context, and complement the spirit of the selections. All in all, an engaging nautical collection." - School Library Journal

"Ode—a poet, writer, and children's performer—shares the wonders of the seashore, both natural and manmade, in a collection of 20 poems. The tone ranges from gently observant to comical, but both text and art are at their strongest during the book's more contemplative moments. A dramatically decorated stunt kite curves through the air like a swallow ("It circles/ and lunges,/ lurches,/ dives,/ climbs,/ and plunges"), and elsewhere, jellyfish rise majestically from the deep...readers, whether coastal or landlocked, should enjoy this lighthearted take on eels, geoducks, tide pool denizens, and more." - Publishers Weekly

"A day at a Northwest beach is brought to life through these poems. Topics are wide ranging. Including sea life such as barnacles, geoducks, crabs, octopus and sea lions. Also covered are beach activities such as kite flying, fishing and sand castle building and beach icons like ferries and lighthouses. Bright fun paintings capture the poems well. This is a must have for schools that are near the shores of the ocean or the Puget Sound." - Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books

"This whimsical children's poetry book by Seattle-area author and singer-songwriter Ode explores the creatures that bring Northwest coastal shores and tide pools to life. With topics from sand castles to sea cucumbers, the poems, augmented by playful illustrations, highlight the wonders of the seashore, educating and entertaining young children in the process." - Alaska Airlines Magazine

"To accompany a day spying sea creatures, pull out a copy of Sea Star Wishes. Written by Eric Ode, a singer-songwriter who often plays locally, this book of poetry covers everything from barnacles to seagulls and hits the marks for being kid-friendly: educational, giggle-inducing, and like all good poetry, lends fresh eyes to familiar sights." - Seattle's Child Magazine

Educators: When You're a Pirate Dog and Other Pirate Poems is an AR selection.
AR Quiz No. 150671 EN Fiction
Accelerated Reader Quiz Information IL: LG - BL: 4.3 - AR Pts: 1.0

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Jim Harris
Pelican Publishing, 2012
40 pp. 8 1/2 x 11, 35 color illus.
ISBN: 9781455614936

When You're a Pirate Dog and Other Pirate Poems
From the smelliest of pirate dogs to the most unusual fishing exploits ever to take place on the high seas, these pages are filled with explorations of the jolliest pirate crew. Readers of all ages are invited to come on board and sail along on these lively adventures.

"This well-executed collection of swashbuckling verse features a broad cast that includes a lonely sea serpent (“It could be my manners they find unappealing./ It could be the way that I greet them./ It could be my temper, but I’ve got a feeling/ It’s mostly the fact that I eat them”); the ghost of pirate Red Eye Jack (“We’ll pilfer, swindle, lie, and curse,/ When things get bad, we’ll make them worse”), and a pirate who has been transformed into a walrus by a witch. Harris’s detailed and sea creature–studded illustrations have a touch of Steven Kellogg and Mercer Mayer, while Ode’s poems read like rambunctious tall tales. (Ages 4–7)" - Publishers Weekly

"Perfect for dramatic readings, the poems are full of rollicking rhyme and alliteration. A comic cast of patch-eyed, bulbous-nosed pirates swagger and bumble their way through illustrations exaggerated to great humorous effect. Readers will be happy to set sail with these silly seafarers." - Horn Book Guide Reviews, Fall 2012 Fall

"This enjoyably goofy, rowdy collection of verses covers pirate life from a multitude of entertaining angles. Readers meet magical creatures and a host of bumbling characters, including a pirate ghost, while also getting a chance to explore a ship and sample the cuisine: "'You best beware the biscuits, men,'/the cook called from the galley door./'They're tougher than they should have been./I dropped one, and it cracked the floor.'" The expressive cartoon illustrations have a lot of personality, exaggerating the characters to match the tone of the poetry. Full of jokes and fun, the singsong rhymes give the selections the feel of lively, sea shanties. These high-sea adventures make for comical armchair travel. (PreS-Gr 3)" School Library Journal, July 2012

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Kent Culotta
Kane Miller Books, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-61067-313-6

Educators: Busy Trucks on the Go is an AR Selection.
AR Quiz No. 169112 EN Fiction
Accelerated Reader Quiz Information IL: LG - BL: 2.1 - AR Pts: 0.5

Busy Trucks on the Go
Town to town and here to there,
busy trucks are everywhere!

From the author/illustrator team that brought you the popular "Dan, the Taxi Man" comes a book just right for the truck lovers in your family. Available in both hardbound and paperback.

"...Ode’s rhyming couplets will have readers bouncing right along." - Kirkus Review

Busy Trucks on the Go
is published by Kane Miller Books. Please talk with your favorite PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books and More) consultant about purchasing co

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Kent Culotta
Kane Miller Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61067-072-2

Dan, the Taxi Man
is published by Kane Miller Books. Please talk with your favorite PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books and More) consultant about purchasing co

Dan, the Taxi Man
"Find this book, put it on the shelf, but don't expect it to stay there long, because your child will want re-reads, often. For little musicians, future drivers, or any 2-to-5-year-old who loves fun books, “Dan, the Taxi Man” is so cute, it's hard to ignore." - Cape Cod Times

"Dan the cabbie puts pedal to the metal to pick up a rock band and get it to a gig. Written as a cumulative rhyme, the narrative barrels along just like the classic yellow cab in Culotta’s high-energy cartoon illustrations. Sporting a hip handlebar mustache and goatee and endowed with a personality as big as his seat-filling body, Dan motors through town and country settings like there’s no tomorrow. Noisy fun, with a strong beat and a narrative pattern that even younger audiences will have no trouble catching. (Picture book. 4-6)" -Kirkus Review

"This rhythmical picture book will make a great read aloud in primary classrooms because children will easily catch onto the pattern and begin to make the sounds and read along." -International Reading Association's Reading Today

"The brightly colored, energetic illustrations carry out the mod motif with mohawk hair, dreads, an afro, pierced ears, and Dan’s red handlebar mustache. As you’d expect, a rockin’ good time." - Booklist

Written by Eric Ode
Illustrated by Ben Crane
Meadowbrook Press, 2007
32 pp. 8 1/2 x 11, 22 color illus.
ISBN: 97814169367770

Tall Tales of the Wild West (And a Few Short Ones)
Cowpokes, bandits, and barrel racers - these western folks have never been so funny! Everything you once thought of the rough-and-tumble Wild West is about to change with this hilarious collection of cowboy poetry.

Take a look at what's in store for you!
   * A desperado who bathes only once a year
   * A chili contest with a very explosive ending
   * The world's tiniest cowboy, who rounds up prairie dogs instead of cows
   * A shy cowboy who picks a horse from a line of charming dance partners
   * A bandit who steals both money and hearts.

Out of Print.

Written by Eric Ode and John Skewes

Illustrated by John Skewes

Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot Books, 2017

32 pp

ISBN: 978-1632170927

Larry Gets Lost in Seattle - 10th Anniversary Edition
(Co-authored with illustrator John Skewes)
Featuring all-new artwork and several new Seattle landmarks, this limited 10th anniversary edition of the best-selling Larry Gets Lost in Seattle finds Larry, the adorable pup, lost again!

Pete and Larry, his adorable pooch, take a ferry to Seattle to visit the Emerald City. After being distracted by a tempting treat, Larry gets lost and tours the city trying to reunite with Pete. Along the way he discovers some of the city’s most fun and interesting landmarks and cultural attractions, including Seattle Central Library, Seattle Art Museum, Pike Place Market, Museum of History and Industry, The Olympic Sculpture Park, CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field, The Space Needle, and more.

Please ask your favorite bookstore about purchasing copies.

Written by Eric Ode and John Skewes

Illustrated by John Skewes

Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot Books, 2015

32 pp

ISBN: 978-1-57061-925-0

Please ask your favorite bookstore about purchasing copies.

Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea
(Co-authored with illustrator John Skewes)

At the beach with Pete and his family, Larry the lovable pup follows a crustacean toward the sea and is swept out by a wave. He dog paddles around, exploring the plant and animal life before coming face-to-face with an oceanographer who leads him on a thrilling adventure through the layers of the ocean before he’s finally reunited with his best friend, Pete, back at the beach. This fun and educational book includes a Common Core teacher’s guide.

"What a treat this book is. The story is very cute and told in rhyme. The illustrations are fun, colorful, and very well done. The story is adventuresome and the dog gets to take the reader an the adventure under the sea. What is especially nice about this book is that the author told the story for young children but included information to interest adults and older children. That information allows the older individual to pass on more to the younger child. My grandson is a bit young for this but really enjoyed it during our picture book reading time. He really enjoyed seeing Larry as he loves dogs.

An excellent book that I recommend highly and that I know I will be enjoying with grandchildren for years to come."
 - iiiiReader Book Reviews


Written by John Skewes and Eric Ode

Illustrated by John Skewes

Sasquatch/Little Bigfoot, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-57061-952-6

Elliott the Otter: The Totally Untrue Story of Elliott, Boss of the Bay
(Co-authored with illustrator John Skewes)

Elliott the Otter lives in Elliott Bay and claims that it’s named after him. And why wouldn’t it be, since he’s in charge of its daily activity? From the freighters bringing in cargo from around the world to the salmon passing through on their way upstream, Elliott is the boss of it all.

Please ask your favorite bookstore about purchasing copies.

Larry Gets Lost in San Diego

(Co-authored with illustrator John Skewes)

It's a California adventure in the Larry Gets Lost series; best-selling children's books highlighting one adorable dog's adventures through favorite American cities.

Larry, a playful pup, loves to go on vacation with Pete and the family. In this new edition to the series, they are off to San Diego, where, while running on the beach, Larry is distracted by the smell of a delicious barbecue. After finishing his treat he realizes he's lost his family—again! And so begins his search for Pete around the city's greatest landmarks and attractions, including the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Mission Beach, Gaslamp Quarter, Legoland, Point Loma Lighthouse, and more.

Written by Eric Ode and John Skewes

Illustrated by John Skewes

Hardcover | $17.99
Published by Little Bigfoot
Oct 10, 2017 | 32 Pages | 8-1/2 x 11| 3-7 years | ISBN 9781632171214

Please ask your favorite bookstore about purchasing copies.

CDs and Videos


Free shipping

Rock Nocturnal (CD)
A 2015 Best CD of the Year Award - Original Songs for Kids!
A 2015 Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award winning CD!

Grab your flashlight! We've gone to the dark side with a celebration of dirt diggers and nighttime critters. Recorded at PlethoraTone Studio in Nashville, TN with some of the groovin'est players around, this album truly rocks.

"Singer-songwriter-author-poet Eric Ode takes listeners on a tuneful and fanciful night time tour of the garden and beyond to celebrate the rich variety of creatures that live and forage under the stars, from "Gophers in the Garden" and an acrobatic bat, to a possum in a tree and a "mole in a hole" (who loves a "shrew in the straw"). In one standout track, "Hooray for Jessie Skunk," a little skunk gets the better of a mama grizzly, an alligator in an elevator and--while scuba diving--a hungry shark. "Raccoon and the Wizard's Daughter," another highlight, puts a delightful fairy tale spin on just how raccoons came to be nocturnal foragers, wear masks and sport rings on their tails." - Parents' Choice Foundation


"Rock Nocturnal (is) a solid set of folky pop-rock with the occasional detour into raccoon-themed pirate chanties. The shuffling bluesy title track has a fun shout-out along chorus, and as you might expect from someone who spends a lot of time with the written word, there are a handful of songs which enjoy words as words ("Gophers in the Garden," "There's a Mole in the Hole," "Raccoon Round").  And if your kids just want a pop song, try "Look at That Acro-Bat." Rock Nocturnal to me sounds like an album recorded at least partially with the intent for use in schools and libraries, and should be popular in those venues.  Unlike many albums of that nature…it also succeeds on its own merits far from that educational context.  Recommended." -Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble


"This imaginative collection of original songs addresses real-life garden challenges like “Gophers in the Garden” and veers into delightful imagery in the Irish-tinged “Raccoon and the Wizard’s Daughter.” There’s a nice range of musical styles (e.g., Stray Cats-sounding “Possibly the Possum,” twangy call-and-response in“There’s a Mole in a Hole”) with the good environmental information. This is a bouncy, fun CD saturated with Ode’s naturally positive sound. Perfect to introduce young kids to the animals of the night." - Kathy O'Connell, Kids Corner on WXPN

Click here for an audio/slideshow peek at the album.

Seven Clever Pirates (CD)
A 2010 Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award Winning Album!
A 2010 Seal of Excellence Award from Creative Child Magazine!

Ahoy, mates! What happens when you bring together ten gut-busting tunes, a treasure map, a storm, a shipwreck, and a chicken who thinks she's a parrot? Climb aboard with Seven Clever Pirates and find out!

(Starred Review!)"Presented by a full cast who bring the well-drawn characters to life, listeners will be swept away by the multi-layered story featuring occasional puns that adults and older children will understand, while younger listeners will enjoy the silly pirates and their singing chicken. Ten original songs are expertly woven into the tale, moving the plot along. Listeners will have a rollicking good time." - School Library Journal, 2010

". . . a boatload of fun and a new whimsical tack for head pirate Eric Ode and his silly crew."  - John Wood,

Click here for an audio/slideshow peek at the musicians and cast of Eric Ode's radio theater album "Seven Clever Pirates."


When You Smile (CD)
A 2008 National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Honors Award!
A 2008 Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winning Album!


“Singer-songwriter Eric Ode’s clever lyrics, gentle wit and compassion for the uncertainties in a kids’ life are a winning combination.” - Parents’ Choice Foundation, 2008

"Songwriter/poet Eric Ode has assembled another winner . . . A welcome addition to Ode's body of work." - School Library Journal, 2008


Free shipping

I Love My Shoes (CD)
A 2005 National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Honors Award!
A 2005 Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award Winning Album!
NAPPA Honors Award music

"Eric Ode again strikes all the right chords in this, his fifth album, by combining message-filled lyrics and silly songs with rollicking rhythms. An extremely enjoyable collection of songs that the whole family will love." - School Library Journal, July 2005

"It's a toss-up whether the 12 wacky cuts on this album are poems set to music or original songs with lyrics reminiscent of poets Jack Prelutsky or Shel Silverstein.  Either way, the high-energy humor and bouncy beat will tickle funny bones and set toes tapping." - Booklist, June 2005

"Seasoned children's performer Eric Ode brings to the table a complete feast of energy-filled new songs and fun lyrics that totally invite and encourage participation. Mom and dad may even embarrass themselves by dancing 'round the condo . . . "  - John Wood,


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Grandpa's Truck (CD)
A 2003 Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winning album!

". . . a playful jaunt to the farm where (Eric and the kids) encounter a somersaulting goat, a scruffy barn cat and Grandpa's creaky old truck ("Ooom, chugga, chugga, pop!") Along with the fun, Ode celebrates the wonder of growing things and new life." - Parents' Choice Foundation

"Eric Ode keeps the tempo up and the beat bouncing in this collection of 12 farmyard songs. The backup instruments create a lively, jivey mood that matches Ode's energetic silliness." - Booklist, 2003


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Trash Can (CD)
A 2002 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winning album!

"The catchy melodies and lyrics on this album will have young listeners swingin', swayin', tappin', and singin' along." - School Library Journal, 2002

"This is altogether a well-done, enjoyable, and unique recording." - Booklist, 2002

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