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Something’s coming down the street,
rolling with a rumbling beat.
A clashing, crashing, noisy treat.
Hooray, It's Garbage Day!


"Who knew that trash collection could be such a treat? For one young brown-skinned kid, the cacophonous sound of the garbage truck approaching the house brings excitement galore. Don’t you know, “it’s GARBAGE DAY!” That means thrilling noises, lights, and shaking emanating from the truck and—even better—scrunching of the contents of the neighborhood’s trash cans. The kid’s pals aren’t immune to the high drama as they watch and listen in awe and then reenact a garbage-collecting scenario that includes assembling a toy truck and gathering assorted throwaway items. ...the jaunty, rollicking rhymes will keep children entertained, and they will merrily chime in with the refrain: “Hooray, it’s GARBAGE DAY!” - Kirkus Review



Illustrated by Gareth Llewhellin

Published by Kane Miller Books

Hooray, It's Garbage Day!

SKU: 978-1-68464-114-7
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