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When Grandpa Forgot (poem)

I was invited to submit a poem for an anthology recently on the topic of parent/teacher conferences. This poem turned out to be not quite right for the project, but I'm rather happy with it just the same.


When Grandpa forgot

it was conference day,

we sat there together,

just my teacher and me,

in that almost-empty classroom

on a Tuesday afternoon.

My teacher gave me

an apple slice from her lunch bag.

She told me about

long hikes she likes to take

in the summer

with her big, gray dog;

about her little brother

who lives far, far away;

and about the

blue-glass bottles she collects

on her kitchen shelf.

It was, I think, the first time

I had my teacher

all to myself.

When Grandpa arrived,

out of breath,


and much too late,

they said they’d meet

on a different date.

I sort of hope

maybe then

Grandpa will forget again.

- Eric Ode, copyright 2018


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