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Maybe books should come with disclaimers.

Go, Dog. Go!

WARNING: Readers may become unnecessarily critical of other people’s hats.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

WARNING: Formerly well-behaved children may suddenly be found coloring on all available surfaces.

The Giving Tree

WARNING: You might cry. Your children might cry. Everyone might cry.

I stumbled upon a friend's Facebook post this afternoon. This photo pretty much speaks for itself.

Otters, Snails and Tadpole Tails

WARNING: This book may cause very muddy shoes.

I wish I had included that line in the dedication.

These shoes remind me of our daughter. Our daughter who used to lie in the muddy puddles that form in the ruts under playground swing sets. Our daughter who used to puddle splash like her very life depended on puddle splashing. Our sunshine-filled, tree-hugging, trail-scrambling, nature-preserving, book-loving daughter.

She works as an environmental scientist now.

Books are dangerous.

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1 Comment

Aug 17, 2021

Thank you for being you

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