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Lemon, Apple, and...Creamy Maple Pies?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and for many, that means friends, family, and…pie! Lots and lots of pie!

I’m a big fan of pie. Fruit pies especially. Peach pies especially-est. But go ahead and place a slice of banana cream in front of me. Or chocolate, or coconut. I won’t object!

Still, as much as I love all kinds of pies, I have to sheepishly make a confession. I’ve never had a slice of maple cream pie. Not once. What’s more, I wasn’t even sure such a thing existed until pretty recently. Shocking!

Okay, maybe that doesn't seem shocking - like something I need to apologize for. Except that there’s a parade in my book Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties. In the parade, there is a baker. And in the baker’s arms there are pies. A LOT of pies!

Cherry pies and berry pies,

lemon, apple, and creamy maple pies.

Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties - Written by Eric Ode, illustrated by Jaime Temairik, published by Sasquatch Books

Yup, maple pies. My confession is really that I loved the deliciousness of those m's and p's together in that last line (This is called consonance, by the way.) and loved the sounds so much so that I was willing to possibly throw fact out the window for the opportunity to play with sound instead. (I was pretty pleased when I later did a bit of Googling and discovered maple cream pies really DO exist!)

My friend Dani tagged me on Facebook this morning with that beautiful photo above. THAT is a maple cream pie! (With candied almonds, no less.) Dani wrote, “I couldn’t figure out WHY a maple cream pie was on my mind this year (when I have never had one, let alone “heard” of one!). And then the kids and I were reading a book. And what do you know? I found out where maple cream pies became ingrained in my mind.”

So, here’s to playing with words. And here’s to Thanksgiving. And here’s to pie!

(By the way, I thought about linking to a maple cream pie recipe, but since I’ve yet to make or taste a maple cream pie and couldn’t vouch for the quality of any of the recipes I found, I’ll leave you to your own delicious research.)

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