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Fence me in

Barriers. Restrictions. Limits. All bad, right? Well, maybe not. I vaguely remember an interview with Bruce Springsteen (In truth it might not have been Bruce at all, but, heck, we'll go with The Boss for now.) where he commented on how much easier it is for him to write a song when someone has given him limitations. Or when he's purposely given himself limitations. Maybe it's where the song has to take place. Or who is in the story. Or what the girl (It's a Springsteen song. There's always a girl, right?) is wearing.

Can you relate? I just this morning sent four poems off for an anthology call, and I have to tell you, each came together quickly. Sure, it could be that not a single poem will be accepted for the final publication, but the process of writing those poems was a treat - primarily because there were restrictions. There was a theme. There was an age level to consider. There was a deadline! (Always a good thing!) Whereas I've had other calls for material where the request was very open ended. "Oh, you know, just give me some fun poems." Those requests nearly make me freeze up! Where do I start?

So, do you feel like a current project is going nowhere? Maybe you could try throwing a barrier or two in your own way. See what happens! Peace, my friends.

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