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Rock Nocturnal CD

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A 2015 Best CD of the Year Award - Original Songs for Kids!

A 2015 Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award winning CD!

Grab your flashlight! We've gone to the dark side with a celebration of dirt diggers and nighttime critters. Recorded at PlethoraTone Studio in Nashville, TN with some of the groovin'est players around, this album truly rocks.

"Singer-songwriter-author-poet Eric Ode takes listeners on a tuneful and fanciful night time tour of the garden and beyond to celebrate the rich variety of creatures that live and forage under the stars, from "Gophers in the Garden" and an acrobatic bat, to a possum in a tree and a "mole in a hole" (who loves a "shrew in the straw"). In one standout track, "Hooray for Jessie Skunk," a little skunk gets the better of a mama grizzly, an alligator in an elevator and--while scuba diving--a hungry shark. "Raccoon and the Wizard's Daughter," another highlight, puts a delightful fairy tale spin on just how raccoons came to be nocturnal foragers, wear masks and sport rings on their tails." - Parents' Choice Foundation

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